We would like to encourage you to use the materials that we have created in order spread the Gospel in your community. Below you will find downloads for 2 editable Gospel booklets and the source files for the website you are currently on. New Life Church Gahanna gives these freely with the goal of spreading the Gospel of Jesus all over the world.

Download the 1 per-page Gospel PDF

This is an editable version of the original Gospel booklet that may be what a professional printer may need.

Download the 2 per-page Gospel PDF.

This is an editable, alternate version of the Gospel booklet that may be easier for some people to use with in house copiers and personal printers. Note: some problems may be avoided by setting your printer preferences to double sided and flip on short edge. You may also need to use the fit to page feature.

Download the Gospelforgahanna web site

This may not be for everyone but this is the packaged gospel site with all the files needed to make a site for your own community. You will need photoshop to open the image files and a text editor to change the css and html files.